Methandrostenolone Cycle – What You Should Know

Was known as Dianabol an old name for Methandrostenolone and was in the form of a pill. It was easy to use and became very popular among many athletics in the 1960’s. It’s also known as the most widely used steroid on the black market of today, though it was taking from the shelves in the 1980’s. Today we’ll discuss what Methandrostenolone is, the benefits it has, and the side effects.

First would be what Methandrostenolone really is and what it is all about. But because the name is so long, how about we call the steroid by its known past name Dianabol. Dianabol is similar to Anadrol 50® and your natural body testosterone and is very potent. It can be used by women but will cause some effects in a women’s body of course. There are a few women that experiment and find that using a lower dosage can bring forth astounding results. When using Dianabol it is said to go well with a mild anabolic Deca-Durablin®. As a result you can expect to see strength gain as well as a large muscle gain. Dianabol half-life is four to five hours long, that’s pretty short in a way but it is still effective and gets the job done. In addition it means that taking a daily shot can lead to a raised blood pressure with the occasional up and down throughout the days.

Next would be all the benefits you can receive from using Dianabol. Dianabol can produce staggering results for new muscle growth. When you want something to bring forth a large enough mass of muscle growth that will suite you, this steroid is made just for you. Only four to five tablets will be enough to give you the results you seek. Venture any higher than this it is possible that side effects are known to show sooner than later.

Last is the side effects of Methandrostenolone and what you should be looking for. Just as well this steroid can bring about very noticeable side effects, and is very estrogenic. So gynecomastia can easily become a problem and might show itself early on during your treatments. Be careful if you decide to do a higher dosage of this steroid, that’s what helps gynecomastia grow quicker in the cycle. Just as well water retention can become a problem causing you to have a noticeable loss of body muscle/definition as subcutaneous and at starts to build. More sensitive males can find that keeping the estrogen levels balanced by adding asntietrogen such as Nolvadex. You could take more the 4 to 5 pills a day and even get great results, but the amount of risk will also be high. When trying to with stand an oral tablet he compound c17 alpha alkylated is offered. But know that c17 can pretty much be toxic to the liver, having prolong exposure or use can cuse damage and even the possibility to breed certain cancers within the body.

In conclusion, when using Methandrostenolone, keep in mind what this steroid is, how it can benefit you and what the side effect are. If this is the steroid you are looking for than I guess you are in the right place.