Armidex-A Steroid

Armidex is a steroid that blocks estrogen production in the body.  It was originally manufactured by Astrazenaca as a post-menapausal medication.  By decreasing estrogen production it in turn lowers the body water that accumulates in overweight people.  It can be used for muscle building or athletics ,but a very small dose of 1mg. is recommended and only for a one to seven day cycle.  Sometimes the medicine over does its function as an estrogen blocker.  In athletics estrogen is a common hormone needed for tissue development.  Therefore most athletes use  Armidex in a one cycle period followed by a testosterone booster such as SERM.

Not normally used in athletics or even mentioned as a reason for taking the medication, Armidex is used only in certain times when weight loss may be of immediate or necessary importance.  Again the estrogen blocking properties of this medication are unknown.  It is recommended for breast cancer patients.  It allows for the slow down of Estrogen which leads to increased resistance to the disease.  In athletes this resistance has been harnessed in small cyclical doses in order to get rid of excess body water which accumulates in several days or weeks with any lack of activity.

The athlete may be expected to perform at his highest level in a major event.  If there was a lapse in his exercise routine, the build up of body water would lessen his chances of winning.

Not usually used in cases of bodybuilding or athetic endeavors, Armidex has real clinical importance in medicine.  Also, instead of being a testosterone helper or a medication that simply builds muscle, it does the opposite.  If overdone this medicine could cause physical damage.  Therefore it is very important to

Know when and how much to medicate.  To increase dosages above 1 mg. can be abusive for your body.

Armidex is a well known steroid. It was discovered and is manufactured  by a well known pharmaceutical company.  Therefore it has passed FDA approval.  There are no garage-made fakes or counterfeits to wade through when trying to procure the medication.  It can be taken safely as long as the dosage cycle is properly monitored.  It is taken in very small quantities and only very a small time.  The dangers or side effects are well known.  It is a medicine that is relatively trustworthy and does the job.

Possibly recommended for highly competitive athletes who need to be in shape on time and never slip up in their routine while performing, this steroid may be one of choice.  It certainly isn’t recommended for regular routines involved in lowering the weight of overweight members of the public.  It is more the steroid of the professional weight lifter, racer or swimmer.

Armidex is a well known, easily procured and well researched anabolic steroid that is used by professional athletes.  It should be used carefully because it is a powerful Estrogen blocker.


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