Drostanolone Propionate ……….10ml- 200mg/ml Euro 50

This steroid is a bodybuilder’s dream come true. Drostanolone Propionate, specifically the Masteron brand, has been very popular in many bodybuilders’ bags for quite awhile, and it’s easy to see why. Drostanolone is one of the best ways to improve upon an already muscular body within a short period of time, specifically before bodybuilding competitions can commence. With proper use, the muscles have more density to them and look hard to the touch. Best used with a low fat percentage, Masteron can create a “ripped” look that will impress many judges once the bodybuilding competition begins. Drostanolone also provides a much needed “kick” of the androgenic effect which makes training go much faster and harder than ever before. Consider giving this steroid a try if you’re looking for some fast results that will make your muscles stand out from the others.

Past Usage

Drostanolone Propionate got its recognition way back in the mid to late 80s when it was used during bodybuilding competitions all across the country. Even athletes would inject themselves with the steroid and be cleared due to the compound not being screened during drug testing. Because athletes and bodybuilders who took the steroid were never caught with the injection in their blood stream, it was a key product for victory. Nowadays Drostanolone has been added to the list of drugs that are tested during urinary metabolites. Because of this, Drostanolone usage is recommended to be discontinued three to four weeks before competitions in order for the steroid to be cleared from the blood stream.

Recreational Use

Aside from being used before competitions, Drostanolone is also popular for recreational use. Casual weight lifters and those who want to simply look good standing in front of a mirror prefer to use this steroid the most. Because it is known for developing quick results, more customers are satisfied with their purchase for this steroid. However, it should be noted that Drostanolone will increase appetite within the body. This is a good thing though because more consumption while training can lead to more muscle mass and growth over time. It also eliminates the chance of water retention which can lose the muscle definition. The Masteron brand should only be used during cutting phases in training.

Side Effects

Drostanolone has a mild amount of side effects. Including water retention discussed earlier, gynecomastia is commonly associated with the steroid. There can also be problems relating to blood pressure. One of the more common and noticeable side effects of Drostanolone is having oily skin, acne, growth of body/facial hair, aggression and potential accelerated hair loss. However, this drug is not liver toxic. While the side effects are common with most steroids, there are alternative medications and products that help reduce the side effect symptoms. Men who have receding hairlines already, or who are aware that there is baldness in the family, may want to stay away from this steroid because the hair loss side effect will exacerbate the condition. For everyone else, check out the product at http://genericsupplements.eu/



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