Finasteride………………100 tabs- 1 mg/tab Euro 40

Finasteride is a generic name for a medication called Propecia, and is classified as a five alpha-reductase inhibitor. This drug is also used to treat other diseases or problems such as prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is not uncommon for a medication to have several different uses. However, it is perfectly safe to take even if you do not have prostate cancer or BPH. Women should never take this medication as it has not tested well in women and any women who is pregnant should not handle this drug because it can lead to abnormalities in male babies sexual organs.

This medication is prescribed by your doctor, and most people have insurance that covers the cost. If you have to pay out of pocket for Finasteride, there are several different prices that it may cost. How much you will spend on Finasteride depends on where you are when you are purchasing it but is most commonly found as follows: 100 tabs- 1mg/tab Euro 40.

The way that this medication works is confusing to understand when explain, but basically, it works because of its ability to inhibit type II 5 alpha reductase. Dihydrotestosterone shrinks the hair follicle and is what causes hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone is converted from testosterone and 5-alpha-reductace is responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, by inhibiting alpha-reductase you are ensuring that it is not converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. When taken daily Finasteride can lower DHT levels as much as sixty percent.

All prescription medications come with the risk of certain side effects and like any other medicine, Finasteride has its possible side effects. These include but are not limited to: a lessened desire for sex, decreased amount of semen, and difficulty getting an erection. The sexual nature of the side effects can worry men and cause them hesitation when deciding to take it. However, side effects have been reported in only two percent of men who have taken Finasteride and as soon as the men stopped taking Finasteride these problems went away.

Finasteride works best for hair loss on top of the head and has not been proven to reverse hair loss in the front areas of the skull. It only works to restore hair on the crown of the head, and many other medications work in this same way. The only proven successful way to restore hair in the front of the head is by hair transplant surgery.

It is important for a person to understand that Finasteride is a treatment for hair loss and in no way promises to be a cure. Once prescribed this medication you will have to continue taking it daily for it to be effective in reversing the signs of hair loss. It only works for mild to moderate hair loss and the effect will reverse within six months once you have stopped taking the product. This product will not work for you if you begin taking it after you have gone completely bald. However, if Finasteride is started after the first sign of hair loss it has an eighty percent success rate among men. If you have started to see signs of balding on the top of your head, you may want to talk with your doctor about Finasteride today!


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