Finasteride-A Steroid

Finasteride is a medicine used primarily to block the production of testosterone in the body.  It should never be used by women.  It can cause birth defects and lead to cancers in women.  Men use Finasteride to stop the hinder the prostate gland from enlarging.  It is also widely used to stop hair loss in men.

Many men feel impotent if their hair has fallen out.  Young men at an early age who are bald have no sexual feelings.  Although the side-effects of Finasteride include lack of sexual drive or impotence, these soon disappear.  Bosley hair transplants has advertised as a purveyor of this steroid.

Many men feel a lack of energy when they have hair loss.  There are feelings of incompetiveness.  They are unable to perform socially.  If they are involved in sports which include public appearances, they need to have a proper look.

This steroid is manufactured and produced by a well known pharmaceutical firm.  One of its clinical uses is to stop hair loss.  It does not increase muscle mass, decrease fat or water content in the body.  It simply adds to the person’s appearance.

A drawback to this medicine is that it does not stop prostrate gland enlargement.  At best it slows the enlargement.  The need to urinate frequently is slowe4d.  Men are able to become part of other people’s lives.  It can mean the difference between having or not having a romantic relationship.

Finasteride also carries the risk of increasing your chances of getting prostrate cancer.  At best the medication is therapeutic allowing the user to become whole again after possibly years of discomfort.

Not mentioned as a sports steroid.  An extensive search through the literature only finds Finasteride listed as a medicine that slows hair loss and decreases the need to urinate with men who are older .

Recommended dosages of this steroid are very small.  The instructions on the package should be read very carefully.  This is a powerful medication that directly inhibits the production of testosterone in the body.  If anything feelings of lethargy or sexual impotence may follow the usage of this steroid.  In most clients this side-effect will disappear.  In the end the client succeeds in living a more satisfactory life.  No longer is he balding or feeling old.  An enlarged prostrate can be seen as a common ailment in many older men.  It does not mean he is getting cancer.  It just signifies the aging of the male human body.

Although Finasteride is not listed as a steroid used by many athletes or sports groups, it could become an aging athlete’s way of heading into the limelights and enjoying a heathy retirement without problems associated with age.  An athlete has used his body more than other people,thus nature’s calling is always at his front step when he retires.  This steroid would be an athlete’s choice if he gets beyond fifty and becomes a member of the Hall of Fame.  The steroid is well known, manufactured by a large pharmaceutical and has a good record in returning youth to its users.


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