How to Use Steroids Properly

Steroid use is a controversial subject. In large part this is due to the potential side of effects of improper use. Steroids can have a dramatic impact on your muscle gain goals if employed properly and combined with the proper supporting techniques. When beginning with steroids proper education and planning will set you up for success in the long term.


Age: If you are under 21 this is probably too young to begin with steroids. Until the body has completely finished growing, using supplements can cause unexpected and undesirable results. This can often times be contrary to your goal and even potentially harmful.

What supplements are you using: For a beginner, pure testosterone is the best supplement to begin with. You will see results no matter what you begin with. However, for the uninitiated system beginning with too many complex, unknown combinations can make it difficult to pinpoint what is working and what is possibly causing a reaction. starting slowly and building up is the safest and most productive method.

Pills or Injections: The liver’s natural function is to eliminate foreign materials from the body. For this reason oral steroids have to be chemically altered to bypass this filter system, while effective this does cause undue stress on the liver. Most athletes choose injections. However, steroids shoulder NEVER be injected directly into the vein, instead they should be injected directly into the muscle tissue. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. This risk is reduced or even eliminated when injected properly.


How long is your cycle: A beginning cycle should be about 12 weeks with an equal length rest period immediately after. This gives your body time to adjust and recover. The first few cycles should follow this pattern before introducing stacking or adjusted durations.


Side effects: Once you move on from pure testosterone and explore the world of stacking, side effects become more of a concern. To counteract this, there are several supplements that you should be aware of. Anti-E are a common supplement used to prevent estrogen from causing undesired side effects.


PCT: Post Cycle Therapy is the process of restoring your body to its natural state. This step must not be overlooked if you want to maintain your gains. This usually includes Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG which are common recovery drugs.


Blood tests: It is extremely important to obtain a pre-supplement blood test. This will reveal any underlying potential health issues as well as provide a baseline for future comparison. Recovery periods can be more accurately gauged based on these baselines.


Libido: One assured side effect of increased testosterone is increased libido. Sex drive increases exponentially with intake of steroid supplements. Results do vary. However, on average this is an expected and normal result of the process. If a loss of interest in sex or difficulty maintaining an erection is experienced there are drugs to counteract this side effect also.


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