Information About Methandrostenolone/Dianabol

Methandrostenolone/Dianabol is a form of anabolic steroid that was originally introduced back in the early 1960’s. At first it was used to treat different medical needs. Although, the big usage of it has lately been for the growth of muscles. It is one of the banned controlled substances that is on the list in the USA. However, there are some countries which includes Mexico where you are able to purchase the drug without a prescription. You may go there and bring it with you or you can purchase it online and have it delivered.

Even though you might not find it difficult to get Methandrostenolone/Dianabol, there are some important things you should consider. Having this in your possession could be seen as a felony and you might be faced with criminal charges if it is found on your person. If you have great quantities of it, you might be charged with intent to distribute or sell, so you should think about this.

The advantages of Methandrostenolone/Dianabol include offering you dramatic increases in protein in a short duration of time. This meaning that the physical appearance of your muscles will be very prominent. There are also some additional benefits such as the value of the muscle strength that will develop in little or not time at all. This will help with the increased ability to continue long hard sessions of workout.

The recommended daily dose is much less than 30 mg each day. When an individual takes more than this, they run the risk of developing various side effects. These might include loss of hair, acne, development of female breast tissue in men and higher than normal blood pressure. Women should take caution and use small doses of Methandrostenolone/Dianabol. Otherwise, this might increase their risk of developing a deep voice as well as facial hair.

It is very rare that you see Methandrostenolone/Dianabol used by itself. Generally, this steroid is a portion of a stack that is used for a 4 to 6 week cycle. Today, there are many people who still use this steroid as a core portion of their bulking cycle. They understand that it can grow their muscle mass very quickly. They also understand that they will gain more strength. This gives them an edge over their competitors.

It is crucial that you understand that Methandrostenolone/Dianabol traces can be found in your body for months after you have stopped taking it. This is important to know especially if you are going to be involved in sports where random drug tests are taken. In most sports, if you fail a drug test you are banned from participating for generally a long duration of time.

Over the years, there have been a lot of athletes that have admitted their use of Methandrostenolone/Dianabol. Many of them talk about how they used it before it was banned. Others tell their stories of being kicked off their sports teams for failing a drug test. There are those who have very serious health issues that promote the avoided use of steroids to young adults.



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