Overdrive ………………………..10ml- 240mg/ml Euro 45

Overdrive is not just one steroid. It is actually a combination of two different steroids. One being Andriol Depropoinate and the other being Boldenone Undecylenate. Andriol, officially labeled as Testosterone undecanoate, is a hormone used to treat make hypogonadism. It is notable for being one of the few types of testosterone that can be taken orally. It is ester based and continues to be sold as one of the longest esters used in steroid manufacturing. Up to 25mg of testosterone can be put into the human body from a single capsule. Usually most people who take Andriol take one capsule every two hours for eight capsules a day. Boldenone Undecylenate is a steroid that increases oxygen flow in the body by increasing red blood cells within the kidneys. It is usually injected and should be taken over the course of ten weeks. More information on Overdrive can be found at http://genericsupplements.eu/

The Combo

Overdrive is made to be the best of both types of steroids. It is an ideal steroid for bodybuilders to use as it promotes higher amounts of testosterone and energy while hindering the potential side effects that steroids often have. The Boldenone half of Overdrive is the main reason that these side effects are not noticeable. The Andriol half, on the other hand, is very good at putting quality testosterone within a small amount. It has the quality while still managing to sacrifice quantity. Normally Andriol is used orally, but when mixed in with Boldenone it becomes an injection which helps speed up the testosterone process.

Reducing Fat

One of the benefits of using Overdrive is that the combination of the two steroids allows for a better chance of cutting fat from the body. In its place will be more muscle gain. Compared to most steroids it’s actually very slow to gain muscle over time, so those looking for immediate results should check out other types of steroids that provide this. Overdrive has been known to live up to its name in that it puts your body into overdrive. Everything the body does is accelerated. From fat burning to energy consumption to muscle and testosterone growth all increase faster than average.

Not Over Yet

Most other steroids are able to perform the same way that Overdrive performs in larger doses to faster results. However, these steroids tend to only fall within one category of body and muscle building and therefore are not effective for long term strength and cardio building. Overdrive has two great steroids mixed together to accentuate the positives of both while hiding the negatives at the same time. With overdrive there simply is no other drug that gives great results from being combined. It is recommended for athletes looking to increase their testosterone and muscle mass over a period of time. More immediate results should require other types of steroids.  Overdrive should be taken at the recommended dosage over a period of ten weeks. Consult a doctor for more information on multiple steroid use, or if you have a reaction to Boldenone Undecylenate.




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