Primobolan ………………………..10ml- 100mg/ml Euro 50

Primobolan, much like Masteron and other types of Drostanolone Propionate, is a very popular steroid for bodybuilders during contest preparation. It’s official name is Metenolone enanthate. It is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) anabolic steroid. It is an ester based on methenolone that interacts with the aromatase enzyme to prevent estrogens from forming. It can be taken as an injection or orally. It is a long acting steroid that is considered to be very safe to use compared to most other steroids. It can reduce stress on the liver and has far fewer side effects. Metenolone is well recognized as being the go to drug for many Major League Baseball players including Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds. It has also been placed in a negative light over the years; so much so that it’s no longer approved for selling within the United States.

Primobolan’s Effects

Primobolan, which is a favorite over at, is designed to increase muscle mass and strength. It is the steroid of choice for many professionals who need the extra muscle right away. It also binds the androgen receptor (AR) which creates a better binding than testosterone. As a result, Primobolan also becomes a great fat burning steroid. This was further proven when studies showed that it correlated positively with lypolysis, the process of fat stored in cells breaking down to release fatty acids into the bloodstream. Similar to Masteron, Primobolan has no propensity to convert anything into estrogen. Less estrogen means more room for testosterone which means more alpha energy that increases muscle endurance.


Unlike most steroids made available to consumers there are hardly any concerns to be had when using Primobolan. Many have praised Primobolan for being able to balance so many different steroid effects without bringing up any of the side effects that would go into the other steroids. The usual side effects that normally apply to most steroids such as water retention, acne and gynecomastia are non-existent. Because it lacks water retention and is known for having slow but steady gains, it has built up a reputation for having high quality muscle gain over time. However, hair loss still remains which can be a real concern.

Other Uses

What’s most surprising about Primobolan, other than its popularity within both the bodybuilding and MLB fields, is that it has been proven to be an agent that halts wasting and can easily reverse the effects of anemia. Also, Andriol specifically has been found to be sufficient as an immunity enhancer. This can be very useful for AIDs patients who need to gain an increase in their immune system. Primobolan can even be used to gain and maintain muscle tissue. A lot of people who are on calorie reduced diets tend to favor Primobolan because they can still retain muscle while in use. Taking Primo requires a large 100mgs/day dosage in order for it to be effective at all. Because the acetate ester has 2-3 days within its active life, oral Primo can potentially be damaged by the liver. Taking Primo every day will help reduce the chances of that happening.



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