Rimonabant-A Steroid

Rimonabant is a recently discovered steroid product which is used widely in Europe as an appetite suppressant. Its clinical trial were deemed very successful.  The Rimonabant steroid blocks the effect of a cannabis receptor that the brain has to increase appetites.  The company that developed this steroid (Acomplia) cloned cannabol receptors and used various compounds in trials to test their ability to block the appetite activity.  They found Rimonabant.  It was introduce4d in Europe and then was tested for approval in the United States.  The FDA has rejected the application for this compound based on reports of clients becoming suicidal or developing depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Rimonabant howver is still recommended for consumption by Acomplia.  There are conditions accociated with obesity that result in diabetes, early mortality and the development of degenerative diseases.  Many overweight people feel the need to lose weight quickly in order to be free of possible early death or disabling conditions.  When used Rimonabant has proven to work towards losing weight on the users.  The stage two clinical trials of this drug had superb results leading to real weight loss.  These were with laboratory animals.  Since then the drug has been used widely in Europe.  There are many testimonials to the efficacy of this medicine and its beneficial effects.

Rimonabant should be only used by individuals with chronic obesity.  If the problem is serious enough, then in order to avoid surgery ,they could benefit.  Times are hard and the obese person many times doesn’t have any place to turn for help.  Acomplia in its literature suggests that Rimonabant could provide a solution if the client is in dire need to rapidle lose weight.

The effects of weight loss on obese people is well documented.  The incidence of Diabetes, smoking and alcoholism literally drop.  It is healthy to maintain a normal weight.  If the client can’t maintain the weight in a normal way through diet and exercise;he or she might find that their health is deteriorating. Noone wants to cut their life span simply because they have habits that their body has found it difficult to control.  The side-effects of Rimonabant therefore are negated by the overall need to overcome their illness which is obesity.  When weighing two sides of the issue, long term health can out- weigh the stress of a depressed or anxious side-effect even if it is at times culminates in suicidal feelings

Another great thing about the new medicine Rimonabant is the fact that a giant,well recognized pharmaceutical is recognized as the researcher and developer of it.  The user knows that he or she are going to be well represented, protected and informed when deciding to try this product.  There is no garage chemist or amateur purveyor of this product. It works the way it is advertised and is subject to all the demands of a free common market.

Rimanabant is the twenty first century’s answer to real advances in weight loss products.


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