You’ve heard the name Rimonabant mentioned on television commercials, radio or internet ads but you still have no idea what it is or what it does.  So what is it?

Rimonabant is a discriminating cannabinoid receptor irritant that has spent hours upon hours of extensive testing in the area of obesity. Supposedly Rimonabant works as an anti-obesity compound. The steps and program surrounding Rimonabant is called RIO and consist of four 3 phase chemical trials.

Obesity is a rising issue among people in this century. This disease automatically predisposes individuals have higher risks at being diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure as well as immune-mediated disorders. Obesity has also been linked with other chronic inflammatory issues like Crohn’s disease and arthritis. When the receptors are blocked, cravings for foods high in calories, fat and carbohydrates are drastically reduced. When such cravings are decreased then appetite suppression and hunger control can be accomplished.  Rimonabant can possibly raise blood the levels of HDL-cholesterol, this is known as the good cholesterol.  By raising these levels it can reduce the triglycerides, also known as bad fats.

Obesity occurs when more energy in the food is consumed for the body than the body can use for the amount of physical activity it is doing.  Reducing food and hunger cravings is only part of the solution. In order to use it at maximum benefit, then a balanced diet monitoring caloric intake as well as a safe exercise program is a needed.



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