SARM Ostarine is a compound (not an anabolic steroid) that can stimulated the androgen receptor, kind of like the way anabolic steroids do. SARM Ostarine is taken orally \and has been shown to have effects in both the muscle and bone tissue similar to the effects of anabolic steroids. The studies also show that it works with your body to decrease body fat and increase lean body mass.

The potential for this compound is limitless. It could potentially be used for all areas of male hormone replacement therapy. Eventually it could have the potential to replace testosterone completely. Currently there is not suitable testing for this compound but the athletes who have subjected themselves for testing have found it a suitable replacement for anabolic steroids. With the media negativity towards steroids it can be nice to find a replacement.


Just like with most drugs, this compound may come with some minor to serious side effects. Some may include prostate enlargement up to one third the difference.   Some of the more common side effects are acne break outs, vision problems, and yellow tinted vision. The inhibition of natural hormone levels is decreased and this is what makes it work so well. Currently this drug is not available to the public because it has not been tested properly on humans. The tests that it has gone through are on lab rats. However, there has been made some available on the black market that some athletes have likely been able to get their hands on.


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