Steroid Cycles

Steroids are used in a controlled method referred to as a cycle. A cycle is the amount of time a steroid is in use. Each cycle should be followed by a rest period that allows your body time to recover before beginning again. Each cycle generally involves a stack. Stacking is the term used for incorporating multiple steroids into one cycle. It is important to be aware of which steroids you are using and what effects they have in order to properly plan for counteracting side effects.


For beginners cycles should start off as simple as possible. It does not take much to see results and starting off too intense or overly complex could have detrimental effects on results and health. A beginner’s first several cycles should consist of just testosterone. It is dangerous to try too many supplements at once before understanding the effects it will have on your system. If there is an adverse reaction, slowly incorporating new supplements over time makes it easier to pinpoint what is causing the problem.


Cycles are determined by duration. To begin, cycles should last about twelve weeks. This should be followed immediately by a rest period of equal duration then repeat. The first few cycles prepare your body for more complex cycle/stack combinations and allow time for experience.


Intermediate cycles often involve longer durations, generally in the 16 – 18 week range. This is also the time to introduce stacking. As you learn what effects to expect you can begin experimenting with different combinations to get the desired results. It is very important to be aware of potential side effects. Stacking involves using one steroid to complement and counteract undesirable side effects of another. You should research the potential interactions of every product that you use. For the most part, most men will never need to graduate beyond intermediate use. Any gains you make will not be sustained indefinitely. Once you leave a cycle some amount of loss is inevitable. Maintaining a high level of supplementation over the long term can be difficult. Planning ahead is indispensable.


Advanced programs should only be attempted by informed and experienced users. The gains are high as are the risks. Some builders never completely come off, choosing to maintain a low level of supplementation during ‘rest’ periods followed by long periods of ‘blasts’ at higher levels. With each increase in potency and duration an equal amount of risk should be expected. At some point it is natural to desire more. However it advisable to maintain cycles that are sustainable over time and include proper nutrition and a high intensity workout to maximize results effectively and safely.


With all cycles the most important thing is to maintain a healthy balanced diet that accounts for the amount of depletion your body goes through during training and a strong workout that pinpoints each each major muscle group once per week with adequate rest periods in between. During your cycles you are going to be rebuilding tissue at an increased rate and burning a lot more energy than you are used to. Proteins and carbs are the components your body needs to sustain this routine. Make sure you increase your intake to account for these variables and provide time to rest. Cycles and stacking when used properly with nutrition and workout can provide truly amazing results.


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