Super Deca 250

Super Deca 250 is a bit stronger, but better then the original formula.  It contains 50 mg nandrolone propionate, 50 mg nandrolone phenylpropionate, 75 mg nandrolone laurate, and 75 mg nandrolone decanoate.  It is one of the most popular steroids. It provides good muscular gains, and hardly converts into estrogen. It is mild on the liver with no tendency toward hair loss. The muscular gain comes from its ability to be a good mediator for protein creation. When cells take up nitrogen, there is a positive effect on the levels of amino acids. Since proteins are made out of amino acids, muscles grow faster. Super Deca will increase your nitrogen intake for faster muscle growth.  It also converts into a powerful form of estrogen in small amounts. This estrogen will increase the creation and release of growth hormones.

Super Deca has been noticed to cure pain in the joints from heavy lifting. It is only a pain relief, you will need to see the doctor if it continues. If you had pain before starting Super Deca, you should take care to avoid over straining your muscles.

Super Deca is best for both increasing mass and cutting. If you need more muscle gains, stack it with dianabol or testosterone. SinceSuper Deca does not have many androgenic properties, it can be stacked with androgenic steroids and keep androgenic side-effects low. Super Deca alone only cannot result in massive muscle gains. If you need a a product to stack with Super Deca for a cutting cycle, winstrol would be the best choice. Super Deca can cause some water retention, so use lower doses when bulking. This steroid is very balanced and works well with almost any other steroid.

Side effects may include water retention, problems with getting erection, and interruption/suppression of natural testosterone production when used for longer periods of time then most other steroids.

Super Deca is usually injected twice a week, minimum once a week. For best effect, use 200-600mg per week. For experienced users, 400mg is recommended along with others steroids. It is recommended to double the first injection. Gains will not occur immediately, but after a few weeks of use.



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