T-3 Lyrothyronine- A Steroid

T-3 Lyrothyronine is a thyroid helper.  It helps to boost the nutritional supply to the thyroid gland.  There are millions of people worldwide that have poor thyroid function.  This leads to sluggishness ,lack of energy and lowered immunity.

T-3 is a thyroid helper.  It not only contains a regular steroid used for patients with thyroid disease, but also has other important components which add the nutritional value.  In fact, the steroid itself is less important in this product’s manufacture than the additives.  One addititive, Tyrosine, is an amino acid.  It adds free radicals to the blood stream.  These help to activate white blood cells and other fighters of bacteria.  The immune response is being boosted because thyroid disease aor just lowered thyroid function weakens the immune response.

Another additive to t-3 is selenium.  Selenium is an important salt.  Many times individuals with weakened metabolisms have a lack of minerals.  Just like a battery getting weaker and weaker increasing the juice will upgrade the motor.

Always before purchasing a thyroid helper be sure to find the right company and the product’s name.  There are genuine products and there are products which are on the market that do harm

A thyroid helper is a well documented medicine that can be researched on internet.  The straight steroid which is used for patients with thyroid disease is not a thyroid helper.  T-3 is the common name for thyroid helpers.  They are a special compounding of small amounts of steroid plus needed minerals ,amino acids and vitamins that will do the job.

When taking t-3 testimonials have shown that people feel elevated levels of energy.  They are healthier and less apt to catch colds .  The weight becomes normalized.  Thyroid patients have swings in weight.  They can gain enormous poundage and then lose the pounds rapidly.  The lowered thyroid response of an individual suffering from obesity is the result of years of wear and tear on the system.  Vitamins are not doing their job.  Other boosters must be used to throw the human metabolism into gear.  Tyrosine was mentioned.  Other additives are listed with this product.  Many of these cannot be described here,but they are basic supplements including some herbal remedies with long term successful results noted.

T-3 Lyrothyronine should be taken according to instructions.  It is listed as a wellness product.  Many atghletes or people in professional sports have proven it to be useful.

The steroid itself has the role of helping the thyroid to gain its function to its original efficiency.  It has been carefully researched.  Thousands of trials have shown that this very beneficial steroid is a good common cure for thyroid disease.  Why not help your thyroid by taking the derivative and gain the nutritional support most needed to keep the thyroid from being hurt through obesity.  You will lose weight, not rapidly and regain your health by trying t-3 Lyrothyronine the thyroid helper.  See it listed on http://www.yahoo.com.


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