Tamoxifen (Novaldex)- A Steroid

Tamoxifen or Novaldex is a well known estrogen blocker that treats breast cancwer in women.  It keeps estrogen from being produced in great quantity thus does not allow cancerous cells to hook on the hormone receptors breaking the cycle of tumor development.  This steroid can cause loss of certain physical growth in long time users.  Reduced height in subjects have been reported but side-effects are limited as compared with other estrogen blockers.

There other uses for this steroid.  It has been used to treat depression.  Also it has been useful in treating sex offenders where castration has led to lack of human hormone associated with the male sex drive.

Tamoxifen is a well known steroid.  It is manufactured by a large pharmaceutical.  Therefore its uses and clinical trials are well documented.  If used properly it has major hopes for individuals who suffer from certain types of hormone loss or instability.

Many times performing athletes discover that they are limited in a certain type of human emotional supports needed to compete in their activities.  If they are engaged in highly competitive situations, it may be recommended that they see a reputable doctor who can review their problems and arrive at a solution.

Many sports require many types of physical hardship.  Perhaps that athlete has suffered emotional trauma due to a physical injury.  In any case, he has to be ready to play sports.  In fact, his appearance on the sports field can never be lacking.  An answer must be immediate and effective if his team wins.

Tamoxifen is a recommended steroid used by many types of professional doctors for a spectrum of ailments.  It may be originally effective in protecting users from breast cancer, but secondary use4s of this medicine are well known and documented.

Directions should always be followed when using this medication.  Dosages should be monitored and there should be professional support.  Only so long as the problem persists or gets worse, should the regimen be halted.  The use of well known, clinically studied steroids for use in performance and endurance studies by athletes is a routine procedure practiced by many sports medicine professionals.

As always, the problem a client faces while performing high risk, public events should be analyzed carefully before steroids are4 recommended.  Tamoxifen should only be considered a steroid used by the professional sports world to treat specific injurious conditions and to help the athlete perform better.  It should not be used by the general public unless under aq medical doctor’s supervision.

A positive aspect about this steroid is that it is proven effective even by government agencies to treat various conditions of patients with mania or depression.  This common disorder is a problem any professional athlete faces.



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