Testosterone Enanthate Cycle

Testosterone Enanthate, a type of steroid that is oil-based, can be injected, and released into the injection site. I will point out what this steroid is used for and why it is popular. Used widely and by many athletics let’s talk about what Testosterone Enanthate is, the benefits in using it, as well as the side effects.

To begin, I will explain what this steroid is and how it should be used. This steroid was designed to release a certain amount of testosterone slowly in the injection site. For several days after you’ve injected the serum the concentration of the hormone will soon begin to rise. It could very well be three weeks before the drug can fully wear off, but it will stay elevated for some time. Because you can use this hormone to treat hypogonadism and a few other disorders, it can be used for medical purposes as well. A fun fact about Testosterone Enanthate, would be that it can possibly be used as a male birth control. When used regularly it is known to lower the sperm count, but can be reversible once the drug is removed.

Next is the benefits of using the drug and I believe to some men having this drug lower their sperm count can be a curse or blessing. By keeping the dosage at a set level of 250mg to 750mg the user can have rapid growth of strength and body weight. But keep in mind if you go over that the estrogenic side effects will become pronounced and will out way the muscle you’ve possibly gained. With the right assistance the ancillary drugs most of the muscle you lost can be regained within time.

Last is the noticeable side effects this drug can cause. The most part about the side effect is how testosterone can convert to estrogen and cause a few problems during the cycle. For example water retention can and will become noticeable and will cause a loss of muscle definition while subcutaneous begins to slowly build. Another known problem will be the body storing of excess fat that can reduce the visibility of muscle. During or after your cycle estrogen does raise and can lead up to you contracting gynecomastia. You can use an ancillary drug such as Nolvadex® for those that are sensitive to certain side effects that will pop up. If there’s any sign of puffiness under the nipple, that unfortunately means that gynecomastia is forming and it’s best you stop using this drug soon.

In conclusion knowing more about the supplements you put in your body is a great start at realizing you want to take care of you. There are other articles out there that can help but I’ve got it where it is easier to read and understand. Always keep in mind the information of the drug itself and the side effects that you yourself will probably face whether you want to or not. I hope I’ve touched base on what Testosterone Enanthate is and everything in between.


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