Testoviron is a combination of two products, testosterone with propionate and testosterone with enanthate. There is also a pure testosterone enanthate product of the same name. These esters attached to the testosterone determine how long it takes your body to get rid of the testosterone. In your body, there are enzymes that will remove the ester from steroids, and leaving just the steroid molecule behind. A heavy ester chain will take a long time to remove. With this product, the testosterone has a heavy chain as well as with a short chain for a good short term muscle boost with a built-in extended release.

This product can protect your muscles from muscle wasting hormones. It can also increase red blood cell production in your kidneys resulting in a higher red blood cell count to improve your endurance by bringing more highly oxygenated blood to muscles. It can also improve recovery from strenuous physical activity. It may increase levels of aggression.

Testoviron should be part of a cycle with one or more other drugs. For bulking, choose to use Deca or Eq. For cutting, add Eq or Trencolone. This drug can be used three or four times a week, but blood levels of testosterone will remain above baseline for eight days.  Though it will need to be injected lest often than most steroids, it contains less actual steroid. Testosterone propionate has been noted by users to cause fewer side effects and less bloating, while enanthate causes the most. Therefore this product will have a minimal amount of bloating and side effects since it contains both.

Testoviron stacks well with everything and nothing. Since it has a short ester, you may want to add another short acting drug with it (Trenbolone Acetate). However, since it has a long acting component, you want to add a longer acting drug like Deca or Eq.  The problem is that you won’t get the full benefit testosterone propionate alone but you would still have to shoot as often as if you were only using propionate. The testosterone enanthate is long acting, but you will still need to be using this compound every other day to make use of the propionate. Thus, there will be no advantage of reduced use due to the testosterone enanthate. It is a great product to use alone as well. Trenbolone acetate, Masteron, and Winstrol are very good for stacking with Testovan on a cutting cycle. You may want a product to fight water-retention and other estrogenic side effects if Testoviron is used for a cutting cycle.

An effective dosage is 300-2000 mg per week.



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