Trenbolone enanthate

Trenbolone enanthate is a very popular steroid.  It provides moderate lean body mass gains that are easy to maintain. Trenbolone will not be converted in the body to estrogen like many other testosterone-based steroidal injections.  If the testosterone is converted into estrogen, there would be significant water retention and fat buildup. In order to increase your mass faster, it is recommended to add this product to testosterone, anadrol or dianabol. This mixture will improve  strength and the quality of muscle gains. Trenbolone can aid in the generation of new muscle tissue about 3-4 times faster than testosterone. This can lead to the risk of side effects such as increased aggression.  This steroid lasts longer than many others and only needs to be injected weekly.  An unintended side effect of this product may be a worsening of male pattern baldness.

This product increases appetite and encourages proper muscle growth.  It is administered as an ester to speed up the rate it is absorbed by the body and prevent rejection.  This was adapted for bodybuilders to increase muscle, improve metabolism efficiency and aid in metabolism absorption.  Once in the system, nitrogen absorption in the muscles increases rapidly and speeds up the process of protein production 5 times faster than normal.  This drug should not be taken by women as it can increase the production on male secondary sex characteristics like excessive hair growth.


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