What Exactly Is SARM Ostarine?

SARM’s represent an exciting and new category of drugs for performance enhancement which are highly unique to the PED market. For those individuals that are not familiar with this, here is a brief introduction. The term SARM is a short, abbreviated term for “selective androgen receptor modulator” and just as the term says, this category of compounds was designed to provide the muscle building, anabolic effects of a normal steroid, without providing the estrogenic, progestagenic or androgenic side effects that are typically presented by their usage. In reality, the main goal was to develop a purified anabolic; a drug that would be able to impact the hypertrophy in muscle tissue, while showing an absence of the less desirable AAS traits. SARM Ostarine, also referred to as MK-2866, is the latest addition to this category of drugs and with this, it has shown to be the most fulfilling in the separation of these negative and positive characteristics.

SARM Ostarine was initially created by GTX as a remedy for the conditions associated with osteoporosis and muscle wasting and has lately undergone many human trials. In a study of 3 months which involved 120 elderly, non-weight training participants, it showed that the Ostarine led to an increase in the lean body mass that was dose dependent, and the largest dose was 3 mg each day which averaged a total increase in mass of just over 3 lbs. During the study’s conclusion, the theory of the researcher was that the Ostarine had a profile of favorable safety, since none of the participants had experienced a serious event. Even though some might think that 3 lbs is nothing in a period of 3 months, it is important that you understand these were not individuals who trained, and the subjects were at the age where the muscle tissue acquisition is usually more challenging, and that the dosage was considered very low by the standards of body building.

To put these results into a further perspective, take a look at a study that involves testosterone. In a study conducted by a university a few years ago, experts administered a dosage of 600 mg of testosterone every week to a group of non-weight training men that were between the ages of 18 and 35 for a duration of 20 weeks. At the end of the trial period, the results showed that the subjects gained an average amount of lean mass of 7.04 lbs. By comparing these variables between the Testosterone and SARM Ostarine groups, it is seen that the trial for testosterone lasted nearly twice as long and these participants were aged more ideally for the gaining of muscle tissue, and the dosage was much higher. When you look at it this way, the results from the SARM Ostarine are very impressive.

When taking Ostarine, people should not expect to gain anywhere near 15-20 lbs with just a few weeks of using. Although, one may expect to see moderate, and consistent gains in their muscle tissue, similar to what you might see with Primobolan. The gains will be mostly dry and lean, with a decrease in body fat and an increase in vascularity. Many reviews from users show an improvement in strength and an increase in their libido. SARM Ostarine is non-toxic and administered orally. It will have no effects on the prostate, will cause no high blood pressure, acne, oily skin, hair growth or water retention.


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