Why Bodybuilders Use Proviron

Proviron is an overlooked and interesting bodybuilding drug. Many bodybuilders purchase Proviron since it is an orally formation of DHT and with that, a Proviron cycle will deliver all the bad and all the good that DHT has to provide the bodybuilder with.


When it comes to the good, the DHT in a Proviron cycle is just a pure androgen, however not like testosterone, it will not cause the retention of water. DHT is what will harden the muscles. It also lowers SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin which will prevent the formation of estrogen. By preventing this estrogen formation, then the DHT could be used to prevent any aromatization of any other steroids. This meaning, that the DHT within a Proviron cycle will keep the steroids within the family of testosterone from converting into estrogen and causing estrogen related side effects in males such as gynecomastia. DHT may also contribute to erectile rigidity. There are some disadvantages however, generally hair loss and prostate hypertrophy. Therefore one might confirm that DHT is purely for males.


Before today, DHT was referred to as the bad formation of testosterone and there have been a large selection of products to reduce this. As an example, Proscar slows the hair loss by reducing the amount of DHT, however it also lowers the desired aspects, that DHT will bring. One of the side effects associated with Proscar is possible impotence, therefore it’s your decision.

Therefore, we understand that DHT is a little risky and we also understand that we all require it. But how is it that Proviron falls into this explanation? Well, the bodybuilders that purchase Proviron buy it since it will be a great addition to their cycle for many different reason. Because it will lower the SHBG it will allow for the testosterone total to become bio-available. Nearly 90% of the testosterone be it administered or natural, remains in a state that is bound which makes it very useless for muscle building. A cycle of Proviron will release more of the active testosterone into the blood therefore you receive more benefits.

Many bodybuilders also purchase Proviron since it works great as an anti-estrogen. As a matter of fact, it is superior to the majority of traditional anti-estrogens like Nolvadex since there is no rebound effect. Besides removing the estrogen, Proviron will prevent estrogen from forming in the first place.
Proviron is great when preparing for contest since it will add definition and density. Basically, the androgen receptors are found within your body’s muscle cells and fat cells and the DHT binds to them both, therefore there is a fat burning effect from the usage.

Many bodybuilders purchase Proviron in between their cycles to maintain libido and muscle gains. Although, DHT won’t do a lot regarding muscle maintenance. Just like with any other drug, the development of a tolerance will occur over time so using the steroid Proviron to help a libido that lags will only make it worse once the drug using has ceased.


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