Steroid Cycles

Steroids are used in a controlled method referred to as a cycle. A cycle is the amount of time a steroid is in use. Each cycle should be followed by a rest period that allows your body time to recover before beginning again. Each cycle generally involves a stack. Stacking is the term used for incorporating multiple steroids into one cycle. It is important to be aware of which steroids you are using and what effects they have in order to properly plan for counteracting side effects.


For beginners cycles should start off as simple as possible. It does not take much to see results and starting off too intense or overly complex could have detrimental effects on results and health. A beginner’s first several cycles should consist of just testosterone. It is dangerous to try too many supplements at once before understanding the effects it will have on your system. If there is an adverse reaction, slowly incorporating new supplements over time makes it easier to pinpoint what is causing the problem.


Cycles are determined by duration. To begin, cycles should last about twelve weeks. This should be followed immediately by a rest period of equal duration then repeat. The first few cycles prepare your body for more complex cycle/stack combinations and allow time for experience.


Intermediate cycles often involve longer durations, generally in the 16 – 18 week range. This is also the time to introduce stacking. As you learn what effects to expect you can begin experimenting with different combinations to get the desired results. It is very important to be aware of potential side effects. Stacking involves using one steroid to complement and counteract undesirable side effects of another. You should research the potential interactions of every product that you use. For the most part, most men will never need to graduate beyond intermediate use. Any gains you make will not be sustained indefinitely. Once you leave a cycle some amount of loss is inevitable. Maintaining a high level of supplementation over the long term can be difficult. Planning ahead is indispensable.


Advanced programs should only be attempted by informed and experienced users. The gains are high as are the risks. Some builders never completely come off, choosing to maintain a low level of supplementation during ‘rest’ periods followed by long periods of ‘blasts’ at higher levels. With each increase in potency and duration an equal amount of risk should be expected. At some point it is natural to desire more. However it advisable to maintain cycles that are sustainable over time and include proper nutrition and a high intensity workout to maximize results effectively and safely.


With all cycles the most important thing is to maintain a healthy balanced diet that accounts for the amount of depletion your body goes through during training and a strong workout that pinpoints each each major muscle group once per week with adequate rest periods in between. During your cycles you are going to be rebuilding tissue at an increased rate and burning a lot more energy than you are used to. Proteins and carbs are the components your body needs to sustain this routine. Make sure you increase your intake to account for these variables and provide time to rest. Cycles and stacking when used properly with nutrition and workout can provide truly amazing results.


How to Use Steroids Properly

Steroid use is a controversial subject. In large part this is due to the potential side of effects of improper use. Steroids can have a dramatic impact on your muscle gain goals if employed properly and combined with the proper supporting techniques. When beginning with steroids proper education and planning will set you up for success in the long term.


Age: If you are under 21 this is probably too young to begin with steroids. Until the body has completely finished growing, using supplements can cause unexpected and undesirable results. This can often times be contrary to your goal and even potentially harmful.

What supplements are you using: For a beginner, pure testosterone is the best supplement to begin with. You will see results no matter what you begin with. However, for the uninitiated system beginning with too many complex, unknown combinations can make it difficult to pinpoint what is working and what is possibly causing a reaction. starting slowly and building up is the safest and most productive method.

Pills or Injections: The liver’s natural function is to eliminate foreign materials from the body. For this reason oral steroids have to be chemically altered to bypass this filter system, while effective this does cause undue stress on the liver. Most athletes choose injections. However, steroids shoulder NEVER be injected directly into the vein, instead they should be injected directly into the muscle tissue. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. This risk is reduced or even eliminated when injected properly.


How long is your cycle: A beginning cycle should be about 12 weeks with an equal length rest period immediately after. This gives your body time to adjust and recover. The first few cycles should follow this pattern before introducing stacking or adjusted durations.


Side effects: Once you move on from pure testosterone and explore the world of stacking, side effects become more of a concern. To counteract this, there are several supplements that you should be aware of. Anti-E are a common supplement used to prevent estrogen from causing undesired side effects.


PCT: Post Cycle Therapy is the process of restoring your body to its natural state. This step must not be overlooked if you want to maintain your gains. This usually includes Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG which are common recovery drugs.


Blood tests: It is extremely important to obtain a pre-supplement blood test. This will reveal any underlying potential health issues as well as provide a baseline for future comparison. Recovery periods can be more accurately gauged based on these baselines.


Libido: One assured side effect of increased testosterone is increased libido. Sex drive increases exponentially with intake of steroid supplements. Results do vary. However, on average this is an expected and normal result of the process. If a loss of interest in sex or difficulty maintaining an erection is experienced there are drugs to counteract this side effect also.

How to Use Steroids

There is no denying that steroids have a marked and inimitable effect on muscle growth. However, the key to successful and most importantly safe steroid use is understanding the supplements you are using and the proper techniques to get the most out of them.


There are several types of steroids on the market. In general terms the most common steroid is going to be the anabolic variety and that is what we will focus on here. Technically referred to as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids these are the compounds that produce masculine features. Testosterone occurs naturally in the human body and promotes tissue growth when combined with a high intensity workout regimen.


In order to get the most out of an anabolic steroid it must be combined with a steady and structured workout routine, a balanced diet and regular rest intervals. Muscles gain mass during rest periods. It is important to work each major muscle group intensely, once per week and allow adequate time for regrowth. Overstressing a muscle can cause long term damage that will counteract efforts and could lead to long recovery periods.


For beginners moderation is key to success. Your first steroid should be pure Testosterone. Steroids are used in what is referred to as cycles. A cycle is the period of time in which a steroid is used. For beginners your first several cycles should last about 12 weeks and should have an equal recovery period without use before starting again.


Stacking involves incorporating other steroids into your routine to maximize efforts and to counteract side effects. It is important to understand which steroids you’re using and what supplements to use in order to counteract the side effects.  As you progress you will be able to properly plan more complex cycles and stacks.


Some popular stacks include


The Three Week Blitz: Take each steroid for three weeks. The first steroid is taken alone for two weeks, start the next compound in the cycle during the third week. Continue this cycle, followed by two weeks of rest.


The Diamond: Start off with small doses that gradually increase with the largest doses being in the middle. Towards the end of the cycle doses gradually decrease.


The Inverted Pyramid: Start with a large dose and gradually decrease the amount of intake.  This method is very dangerous for beginners.


It cannot be overstated that your diet and workout will determine your level of success with steroids as much as if not more so than what supplement you are using. Eating regularly (5 or 6 times a day) will reduce your insulin levels and keep your weight gain regulated. Each meal should consist of a balance of proper nutrition. Protein provides the resources for muscle growth and carbs provide the energy necessary to make the conversion as well as keeping you pumped during your workout.


Workout is the last key to success. In order to kick your body out of stasis, a high intensity workout is necessary to get the desired results. Heavy weights at low reps are the preferred the method. It should take no more than 8 – 10 reps to reach muscle failure.Workouts should target each major muscle group one time, once a week. You should incorporate rest days to give your muscles time to recover. Every other day is a good schedule to allow for proper recovery.




How to get a six Pack

The goal of many bodybuilding endeavors is to develop a toned and defined abdominal region. The six pack as it’s known in popular culture can be a difficult thing to attain. It will require dedication, perseverance and an understanding of what actually causes the most coveted of muscle definition.


The first thing to understand is that abdominal muscles are naturally covered in a layer of insulating fat. This means that no matter how toned they may be no one will ever see them if they’re hiding behind years of bad dietary habits. For most people abs are already adequately sized it’s just difficult to tell without a little attention to the most notorious of problem areas.


Belly fat can be one of the most stubborn areas to target in any weight loss effort.  It is easier on women who naturally store excess fat in their thighs and buttocks but for men this is the last place they will lose weight. Nature has defined the abdominals as the go to storage place for body fat. Contrary to popular belief targeting certain regions has shown to have very little effect on how much fat is lost from that area.


A balanced/well planned diet is the secret weapon for anyone wanting to transform their figure into the lean toned beach body that lies beneath.First you have to create a calorie deficit. This means consuming fewer calories than you burn throughout the day, including during your workouts. To gain muscle you need to create a calorie surplus. This surplus should be made of healthy foods, lots of protein and extra carbs to give you energy. You may also want to consider supplements.


Do cardio. The quickest way to drop unwanted body fat is to put your metabolism into overdrive. Cardio is a very effective approach to this goal. Running is very popular while also stressful on the joints. Elliptical machines and swimming are becoming more popular methods of raising your heart rate while lowering the risk of potential injuries.


Once you have trimmed down it’s time to start focusing on toning. This may be achieved through a variety of ab centered core workouts.


Sit-ups: Start by laying with your back flat on the floor with arms either crossed over your chest or behind your head. Have someone hold your feet or if not available brace them under a piece of furniture. Lift your shoulders and back completely off the ground. Try not to hunch, repeat.


Crunches: A crunch is performed exactly the same as a sit-up except with a limited range of motion. Once you lift your shoulders off the ground the first time, raise them toward your knees without lifting your entire back off the floor. Relax without touching your shoulders to the floor. Repeat.


Leg lifts: Another effective exercise is the leg lift. To perform leg lifts lie on your back  on the floor. Touch your ankles together and lift both legs in the air at a ninety degree angle.


Core exercises: Aside from ab specific exercises standard core workouts like deadlifts and squats target the entire core. With the added benefit of providing a compound exercise that increases the appearance and strength of surrounding muscles, core exercises are great for toning abs also.


It takes the combination of several factors to achieve the desired results but together that dream body can be yours.


Bodybuilding is becoming more popular with each passing day. Whether it be for the aesthetic purpose of looking good in the bedroom mirror or the long term health benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet, the potential upsides are hard to deny. There are as many different approaches to bodybuilding as there are gyms that incorporate them.


Inherently bodybuilding is the progressive use of resistance to develop strength and endurance. This can be done using weights, resistance bands, or even bodyweight exercises. All are arguably equal in effectiveness depending on preference and access to equipment. Each has it’s own pros and cons that should be weighed by the participant. Most important is to engage in an exercise activity that is sustainable and enjoyable. This will make it easier perpetuate the habit over long periods of time maximizing effectiveness.


There are several components to successful bodybuilding. For optimal results it is important to incorporate a healthy balanced diet tailored to your specific needs, supplements, an adequate rest schedule, and of course a challenging workout schedule.


Diet: The old saying goes you can’t out-train bad habits. No matter how much work and sweat you put in at the gym if you go home and erase it all with poor eating habits you are wasting your time. Diet is the core of all weight loss and muscle gaining endeavors.  The gym is a place for breaking down. you stress your muscles and encourage them to strengthen and grow. Once you stop, the rebuilding process begins. Without the proper nutrients to encourage growth and replenish what was lost you are gradually wearing yourself down and become counter productive. With good nutrition your efforts will pay off sooner rather than later.


Supplements: Many bodybuilders choose to use supplements for the reasons outlined above. A good workout is a strain on the body. Providing supplements in proper ratios helps aid the recovery process and can speed up the gain phase. Which is after all the end goal.


Rest: This is a commonly overlooked but extremely important aspect of any regimen. The majority of muscle growth occurs during the recovery phase. This is when you are sleeping, resting or even sitting on the couch. Your muscles are hard at work repairing the microscopic damage caused by working out and strengthening their fibers for the next round. Without proper rest, fatigue can set in and possibly lead to injury. Injury equals time away from training which is counterproductive.


A challenging workout schedule: A workout is meant to be intense. You have to challenge the body to get out of its catabolic stasis mode. Levels of intensity will vary dependant on the participant and the desired results. However, it’s safe to say if you’re not breaking a sweat you’re not going to see much of a change. As a general rule larger muscles are gained through lower reps with heavier weights. 8 -10 is the maximum. Weight is chosen based on reaching muscle failure somewhere in this rep range. Each major muscle group should be targeted once in each week with rest periods between. Training every other day or on a ‘split’ schedule is the most popular approach.


If all of these considerations are taken into account you can be well on your way to achieving your goals and having that well defined beachbody we all dream of. Dedication and consistency will play a large part in how far your efforts will take you.



Winstrol Depot Waterbase ………11ml- 50mg/ml Euro 40

An injection of Winstrol, which can be purchased at, is unique in that the substance does not dissolve in oil, but rather in water. This can mean a number of things, primarily that the Winstrol needs to be injected a lot more often than other steroids. The interval period between injections is much shorter than with oil based steroids. There must be an injection at least every second day. This is due to the steroid’s low half-life time period. An additional feature that Winstrol users like to present is that it rarely ever produces water retention. This is due to the substance stanozolol which prevents Winstrol from aromatizing dihydrotestosterone into estrogens.  It is an ideal steroid to use during bodybuilding.

The Perfect Mix

Winstrol is preferred for bodybuilders and athletes looking to have a low calorie diet. The additional protein within the diet will help Winstrol give muscles a harder appearance. However, it’s not reliable for preventing the loss of muscle tissue, so it’s recommend that an additional steroid be used along with Winstrol in order to prevent this from happening. Ideally, Winstrol is best taken with Parabolan which balances out the missing androgenic effect. For many years Winstrol and Parabolan as a combination was the perfect competition stack for bodybuilders. Most athletes would take 50mg of Winstrol a day along with Finaject, a popular brand of Parabolan, at 30mg a day. These would be taken every one to two days. The two steroids seem to have a synergetic effect on one another. Masteron, Halotestin, Anavar and HGH are also among the steroids used to combine with Winstrol.

Gaining Power

One of the key secrets to gaining muscle mass is being able to eat a lot and making good gains while having large amounts of protein and other nutrients. Winstrol is great to have for this muscle building strategy because it does not cause water retention which therefore does not cause weight gain. Instead, muscle gain is made through the amount of gains made by eating. For building strength and mass, it’s recommended to use Winstrol and Durabolin. This combination is more for the serious competitive athletes who require such large doses in their physical activities.

All for One

Winstrol appears to work best as a steroid that is combined with other steroids. Much like Boldernone it is used to stack and in doing so more muscle is gained without having the threat of weight gain. More power and more adrenaline is created when Winstrol applies its testosterone effects within the user. However, some side effects that can occur with Winstrol include headaches, cramps, changes to HDL and LDL levels and rare cases of high blood pressure. Liver damage, thankfully, is low. There are imitations of the product due to its water dissolving properties, but an easy way to spot the real deal is by checking to see if the solution is milky white and watery. When the ampule is not shaken, Winstrol will have a white surface layer on the lower side of the glass and can only be mixed when shaken long enough.



Primobolan ………………………..10ml- 100mg/ml Euro 50

Primobolan, much like Masteron and other types of Drostanolone Propionate, is a very popular steroid for bodybuilders during contest preparation. It’s official name is Metenolone enanthate. It is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) anabolic steroid. It is an ester based on methenolone that interacts with the aromatase enzyme to prevent estrogens from forming. It can be taken as an injection or orally. It is a long acting steroid that is considered to be very safe to use compared to most other steroids. It can reduce stress on the liver and has far fewer side effects. Metenolone is well recognized as being the go to drug for many Major League Baseball players including Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds. It has also been placed in a negative light over the years; so much so that it’s no longer approved for selling within the United States.

Primobolan’s Effects

Primobolan, which is a favorite over at, is designed to increase muscle mass and strength. It is the steroid of choice for many professionals who need the extra muscle right away. It also binds the androgen receptor (AR) which creates a better binding than testosterone. As a result, Primobolan also becomes a great fat burning steroid. This was further proven when studies showed that it correlated positively with lypolysis, the process of fat stored in cells breaking down to release fatty acids into the bloodstream. Similar to Masteron, Primobolan has no propensity to convert anything into estrogen. Less estrogen means more room for testosterone which means more alpha energy that increases muscle endurance.


Unlike most steroids made available to consumers there are hardly any concerns to be had when using Primobolan. Many have praised Primobolan for being able to balance so many different steroid effects without bringing up any of the side effects that would go into the other steroids. The usual side effects that normally apply to most steroids such as water retention, acne and gynecomastia are non-existent. Because it lacks water retention and is known for having slow but steady gains, it has built up a reputation for having high quality muscle gain over time. However, hair loss still remains which can be a real concern.

Other Uses

What’s most surprising about Primobolan, other than its popularity within both the bodybuilding and MLB fields, is that it has been proven to be an agent that halts wasting and can easily reverse the effects of anemia. Also, Andriol specifically has been found to be sufficient as an immunity enhancer. This can be very useful for AIDs patients who need to gain an increase in their immune system. Primobolan can even be used to gain and maintain muscle tissue. A lot of people who are on calorie reduced diets tend to favor Primobolan because they can still retain muscle while in use. Taking Primo requires a large 100mgs/day dosage in order for it to be effective at all. Because the acetate ester has 2-3 days within its active life, oral Primo can potentially be damaged by the liver. Taking Primo every day will help reduce the chances of that happening.